256 colour Miloslav Palette

@Vampirics and I are looking to use a 256 colour palette for a game we are creating.

In the Pokitto library, there appears to be only one 256 colour one which was created by @drummyfish.

This would work fine but I am unsure how to load the palette into the FemtoIDE for automatic conversion and how to load it into Photoshop that Stephane is using to create graphics. I know the FemtoIDE can import JASC format and Photoshop uses .ASE.

Is there a way to convert or import the Miloslav palette for these tools?

Here it is as a pal file: Miloslav.pal (2.5 KB)
For FemtoIDE to use it for the conversion, have this in your project.json:

	"PNGFlags": {
		"ALL": [

In the next version of FemtoIDE there will be a menu for changing settings such as the palette and previewing the conversion, so you don’t have to edit the project.json manually.


Nice … or will give it a try.

Two out of three aint bad!

The Miloslav palette works as you described in the FemtoIDE (Piskel) and in the code itself.

What @Vampirics cannot do is to import it into Photoshop for his magic to occur. PS requires an .ase format apparently. Does anyone know how to convert this? A google search revealed few results.

Would it be possible to save a .png using psp or something with that palette, open it in photoshop and save the palette from there?

@filmote @Vampirics

miloslav.ACT (768 Bytes)

Edit: ACT = Adobe Color Table

Colours picked - one by one, with color picker - in Adobe Photoshop - from this source image from @drummyfish :


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Thanks @jonne this will be very handy!

Glad to see people using my palette :slight_smile: If you need a quick generic 256 color palette you may also just use the 332 colors.


We might be coloring a game you had a hand in!

Are you kidding? It’s the only one I have used since you released it.

Last week I bought some paint for the house and I had “Miloslav.pal” with me at the hardware store!