2019 year end thanks

2019 has come and about to go here in the USA.

I’d like to be sentimental for a moment and thank the great community of Pokittoland for a wonderful year. I had so much fun this year with getting to know everyone and seeing all of the super awesome projects coming. The Game Jams were excellent and the amount of unique games just highlights how diverse, unique, and super special this community really is.

Pokittoland has been the most welcoming and friendly communities I’ve ever been in, and I love watching it grow and continue to develop with more awesome members and great projects.

This year we saw some great new projects coming as well as the continued development of others that benefit the whole community. When I first started it was kind of difficult for me, as a Linux user, to find my way around. But that rapidly changed when PyInSky showed up with the Python game jam, where I made my first Pokitto games.

Then we saw the Pokitto Grand Prix and map editor, which is still in my top favourites!

The new Kraken loader made the world entirely new for Pokitto, for me anyway. Especially when paired with Xploritto!

FemtoIDE, my now default editor for Pokitto, has made my dreams come true in the biggest way. I am a Java developer, and Java is my favourite tool to use. So being able to develop games using Java has burst open the gates to making games on Pokitto for me. I am ridiculously grateful for this tool! The game jam for this was also a blast for myself :slight_smile: Beware the doors

We got the Pokitto Magazine issue 1! This is a huge deal for a community and I am super excited to see another issue sometime in 2019 (I hope :wink: )

I know for a fact that there are a lot of projects, both tools, games and other, that I am missing from this post. But these are the ones that stood out in a huge way for me in 2019.

If anyone wants to share their best parts of 2019 in Pokitto land I’d love to see it!

Thanks again everyone for an amazing year, and to @jonne especially for making it all possible.


Wow! Thanks for the kind words @torbuntu!

2019 has just ended here in Finland, and I have to agree with everything you’ve just said. Pokitto Magazine was one of the highlights of my year.

I also want to thank the community for a great year and I’m looking forward to the various cool things I know are in the works.

See you in 2020!



I fully agree with @torbuntu and @jonne ! The year 2019 was the best year in Pokitto Land yet and I am sure the year 2020 will be even more amazing!


It surely was great fun and an honor to be part of this! Hope we will see more of the same 2020.
More great projects, more kind words and support for each other, more pokittos sold. Cheers!


Happy public domain day everyone :slight_smile:


I joined this community a long time ago but have only recently become active (with @Vampirics prompting) - I am really impressed with the community spirit. Thanks for making me feel welcome and for the help I have received. Happy New Year !


Been great to have you join! You have some awesome projects!


Evidently I didn’t try hard enough. :P

You too … but you gave up much earlier that Stephane!