200 users and counting


Anybody noticed, we have passed 200 users mark? Hooray! :slight_smile:


Based on the 204 figure, we actually hit 200 on 03/03/2018 and nobody noticed until now.

(I assume these details aren’t top secret.)

When it reaches 256, we should have a celebration or something.


Users not counting from 0?!? What a shame :sweat_smile:


The 204 is a size, not an index.
We can still say the latest user is in fact user 203 if you want :P
(Unless 0 is reserved for ‘invalid user’.)


Always leave an index for the NullUser


We get soon 256 users, 253 now!


256 users total! Yippee!


Such a landmark achievement! But something as amazing as Pokitto deserves at least 100x as many users.
I’ll go share my experience! Spread the good word!


Its a slow growth but its OK. That number (new users here) does not correlate with what gets shipped, by the way. I know from the cartons of LCD’s I’ve used that many more Pokittos have been shipped (lost exact count, but we are at around 1500), so I suspect a quite large number of people visit the forums but never register.