2-bit high resolution mode added to PokittoSim

Windows target for 2-bit (4 colors) 220x176 added to PokittoSim.

Just select HelloWinHires as target to use

Linux target, wiki about graphics modes and more modes coming soon


4 Color mode you say?

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Its included

edit:sorry, it was rgb palette (not 565)


This is great, perfect timing for the CGA jam going on currently :smiley:

the image format is still 4 bit though?
its not realy a problem, just very inaficiant

No, image format is 2 bits per pixel (you can make images using BMP2POK)

Project now has 4 targets

  • fast mode for Windows (110x88@16 colors)
  • hires mode for Windows (220x176@4 colors)
  • fast mode for Linux (110x88@16 colors)
  • hires mode for Linux (220x176@4 colors)

Tested to work. Report back if any issues

how do you draw a 2bit sprite then?
since im still getting full 16 colors on the high res mode

That … should not be possible. Please paste example

edit: did you do a full rebuild?

just added a sprite and drew it in your hello world

can you make a screen capture nonetheless / copy the code. i need to reproduce the behavior

ok now im confused, the hello world is not in high res, how do i set the highres mode?

so i redownloaded the latest build
and just hit run and i get this

then i click on build and run and i get this

The high res is a compile-time switch. You need to do a clean rebuild (blue arrows)

If you only build (yellow gear) the .o object files are not rebuilt

same problem with rebuild

booting up to check. are you on windows or linux?

maybe this is my problem?

im on windows

code::blocks version?

Code::Blocks 16.01

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I have a suspicion about using same project files in cb 13:12 and 16:01. it is as if the targets get broke somehow. checking now